Monthly Salsa Classes, Club & party!

Get ready to salsa, at a spectacular dance venue chosen by Salsa-Tropical.  Join us and experience the great Latin vibe as we promise to bring a new life to a mix of Salsa Lessons,  Parties and Late Nights!  From time to time, we are inviting Live Bands, DJ’s and make sure that we are equip with professional sound system to complete our event of music and dancing.

Meet people, exercise, have fun, enjoy learning how to dance salsa at special venues chosen by Salsa-Tropical. Quality salsa class teaching in London and a great party atmosphere! 

I M P O R T A N T !!!

All students attending this Party MUST be over 18 years old.  ID may be required.

Dress code is smart casual.


THURSDAY, 25 May 2017


with dj dennis dale


  • Salsa Group Lesson             : 19:30 – 20:30
  • Social Dancing & Party        : 20:30 – 23:30
  • Doors Open                          : 19:00  Please arrive early for the registration.
  • Door closes at 22:30pm; no more guests and students will be allowed entry.

One Dance Floor with Professional Sound System.  Bar!!!  We will be rocking the house with the Mambo Palladium Old-School, The Best of Puerto Rican music, The High energy of Colombian Bands, the latest New York salsa tracks, Bachata, cha-cha-cha and other Latin rhythms.


  • Thursday, 25 May 2017


Cloud Lounge
TigerTiger Bar – London
29 Haymarket,
London, SW1Y 4SP


  • Level 1: Sydney
  • Level 2: Maria
  • Level 3:  Mike & Tanya


  • Salsa Class + Club        :  £12
  • Club Only                       :  £8


Highly experienced salsa dance teachers will lead four levels of salsa lessons from beginners to advanced, focusing on salsa cross-body style. NO DANCE PARTNER REQUIRED. NO NEED TO BOOK IN ADVANCE. Please dress smart. Just Turn up! 4 Levels at the Same time: CROSS- BODY STYLE Quality Teaching + FUN!!!! 


Cloud Lounge
TigerTiger Bar – London
29 Haymart,
London, SW1Y 4SP





Course Levels

This Salsa Course is geared for students who are learning the basic step, rhythm, and timing. You get an introduction to Salsa steps and simple partner-work. It’s a lot of FUN!
You should have completed at least 4 Weeks x 1 hour classes to attend this Course.The series focuses on the fundamentals of salsa: basics, patterns, footwork, turns and technique, which includes proper posture, balance, and upper/lower body coordination. This lays the groundwork for a solid foundation in salsa.  We will focus mainly on fundamentals of partner work. All advanced moves are an extension of the basic. If a student lacks fundamentals he will just learn more and more combinations technically incorrectly and will not progress as a dancer. Therefore, this is the most important class for anyone wishing to learn Salsa. Mastery of the basics will give you the skills and confidence needed to develop into a good dancer. Believe me; it will change your life.
We advised this level after 2- 3 months of classes of 1 hour per week at least. This Course is geared to students with a solid, comprehensive foundation in the basics (balance, posture, upper/lower body coordination, weight transfer, cross-body lead). You will learn lead-follow techniques, transitions and space management to moderate music. If you already have a solid understanding of the basic then you are ready for this class. We will teach you skills necessary to apply on Intermediate and Advanced level class such as essential skills and drills.
This quality training programme is for students with a well developed foundation in Salsa who are willing to learn more complex patterns and techniques and emphasis on styling for Ladies and Gents. If you are ready to take the next step, this course is for you!

I’d like to thank you. I feel much more confident and found it fun learning with you. You have great technique, and are very patient! I’ll keep on recommending my friends. I’m going to come to the classes, and look at arranging some more lessons with you.


Salsa-Tropical Loyalty Card

Buy 5 lessons in advance £50 and then get One Free!

‘It could make an ideal present for someone.


Paypal payment online only £50 per person + £2.30 (Service Charge)
Your loyalty card can either be posted to you or collected at any of our Venues.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid within 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • Non-refundable
  • Non-transferable.
  • Can be used at all our venues by one person