Where To Find Adult Salsa Dance Classes In Central London – 5th November 2018

It can be easy to slip into a routine where you do the same things every week. If you are failing to add some spice into your life and you want to discover your potential on the dancefloor, we have something ideally suited to you. At Salsa Tropical you will be joined by professional dancers and beginners like yourself as you start your journey towards salsa proficiency.

We offer adult salsa dance classes in Central London which are perfect for everyone, no matter what level of competency you sit, no matter how coordinated you think you are and no matter how shy you feel. Our friendly atmosphere combines with our insistence on helping you learn the moves of salsa in every lesson.

What are the benefits of choosing our adult salsa dance classes in Central London?

From the affordable courses we offer to our ability to provide private and couples classes, we are certain you will find something on our website at Salsa Tropical. The benefits once you start dancing with us each week will be vast and include: improved mood, reduced stress, enhanced social skills and better sleep.

Whatever positive elements you are looking to get out of our salsa classes, we are certain our friendly atmosphere will bring the best out of you. Get in contact with us to sign up today.


Three Reasons To Try Our Salsa Lessons On Sheffield Street, London – 1st October 2018

There are plenty of reasons why you should start dancing. There are plenty more that we tell ourselves to stop us going. We’ll make up any excuse not to truly let our hair down when that is exactly what is needed to break up a stressful week or a tough day at work. At Salsa Tropical we have become a leading provider of salsa lessons on Sheffield Street, London, that will banish those worries and make you feel confident to explore the movement and fun of salsa.  

Why choose Salsa Tropical as your destination for regular classes in London?  

Here are three reasons to come and join the revolution of men and women having fun and enjoying their free time:  

  • Five different levels: Don’t worry if you are a complete beginner or you have lost confidence in your skills, we have five different levels that we will place you in accordingly.  
  • You don’t need a partner: You won’t have to bring someone along or be concerned about coming alone, our friendly atmosphere will get everyone dancing together in pairs in no time. 
  • Experienced instructors in every lesson: To make sure that you learn and develop in each session, our professional instructors are on hand to help you.  

To discover more about our salsa lessons in Sheffield Street, London, and how much they cost, get in contact with us today 

Salsa Tropical – Try Our Beginner Salsa Lessons In London Today 


The first step on a journey is always the hardest. This is true when you start dancing for the first time too. As a great way to combine exercise, coordination, fun and more in one activity, dancing can become your new favourite hobby. That is, however, after you have tried one of our beginner salsa lessons in London which will bring you closer to learning all of the steps alongside like-minded people. 

At Salsa Tropical we want to help you feel confident and positive during our dancing lessons and will help you to do that with these three steps towards enjoying salsa: 

  1. Discover your rhythm: Feeling the musical influences of the Caribbean, where salsa was originally developed, you will begin to understand more about music and how to move to it in a fun environment.  
  1. Learn with people at the same level as you: When you try our beginner salsa lessons in London, you will have the chance to meet and laugh with people at the same ability as you.  
  1. Get advice from highly-trained dancers: We hire the best and most helpful dancers to guide you through the moves from start to finish. Our goal is to see you confidently strut your stuff with us each week.  

To discover more about our beginner salsa lessons in London and how much they cost, speak with our team today.