Salsa Tropical Performance Group


Please Contact us if you would like to join the team

Location: Osmani Centre

Osmani Trust, Osmani Centre
58 Underwood Road
London E1 5AW
Multi-gym, Near Whitechapel station
  • Do you want to improve your Dancing Skills?
  • Improve your styling?
  • Improve your musicality?
  • Be more confident with your dancing?
  • Practice on a regular Basis, Intensively?
  • Be part of a Performance Team?
  • Be pushed to a Higher level with your dancing?
  • Then, join us and be a Salsa-Tropical Performer!

The Group

We are currently building a Performance Team Group consisting of:

  • 12 weeks Training of a weekly session, choreographed and directed by Maria Palmieri
  • Rehearsals are going to be Tuesdays nights
  • Choreographic style : Salsa & Mambo New York/Puerto Rican-style


The audition is designed to get to know you. You do not need to prepare anything. It is a simple lesson.

Please contact us if you want to join our ongoing Salsa Performance Team


The group will be performing at several venues, festivals and corporate parties. It is a great opportunity to improve your dancing, gain experience with performing for a period of 1-3 months.

The shows are very sexy and dynamic including several elements of:

  • Salsa
  • Afro-Cuban
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Show Moves
  • Tricks

We Are Currently Seeking:

  • Female Dancers
  • Intermediate and/or Advanced level Dancers with some Dance training or any previous Salsa training
  • 12 weeks training with a Professional/Highly experienced Teacher. This is a Course for you to train at a Higher level.
  • Gain and Enhance Performance skills and be Part of a Performance Team!!!!
  • We will book several Shows for the Group!!!
  • We do expect commitment, professionalism, maturity and dedication from dancers to create a polished Show.
  • Rehearsals will be booked in advance on a regular basis
  • You need to pay for your own costume, shoes, accessories
  • You need to pay for your transport within London for the Shows
  • If you don’t want to perform, but just get the training is also fine.
  • Please read T’s and C’s

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We are Dancers.  We are Performers.  We are Salsa-Tropical!

“It was great having you all there, Maria, and we enjoyed the slick show!
Please bear us in mind for future routines!”


“Thank you for a lovely show. It was great! You and your group were fantastic!”