London beginners on salsa are probably looking for ways on how to learn their salsa dance lessons in an easy way. This guide aims to walk you through to the step-by-step process and give you an insight on what the dance is all about. Being a beginner is not an easy job but learning the lesson should be adjusted to be simple for the beginners.

The Basic Steps of the Salsa Dance Lessons

When learning the dance lesson, the basic step will serve as your foundation. There are 4 basic movements that you have to remember. These are the common steps that you will normally see and the steps that you will definitely use frequently; the back, side, cumbia and the front basic. You need to begin practicing with these steps until you can move smoothly and with the right timing before you progress to a more complex movement. Learn one basic step at a time; after you mastered the back salsa movement, then you may proceed in learning the next step. This will make it easier for you to combine it with the patterns and turn during the later part of your salsa lesson in London. Salsa Classes will be easier if you master the basic skills.

Combination of the Basic Steps

After you became familiar with the basic steps of Salsa dance lessons, you may now combine them. You need to understand how you can switch from one step to another smoothly. For instance, you are doing the basic back, and front step and you want to shift to the side basic, you need to complete a full turn of the front and back step before you can switch to the side step. This also works on the other basic steps.

Knowing the Salsa Timing and Rhythm

The rhythm and timing of salsa differentiate it from the other traditional Latin dance. Timing refers to beats and the count, and the rhythm indicates the movement of the body. There are 4 types of salsa timing that will be taught in the Bachata London classes; Basic, Core Beat, Full Count and Syncopated. Basic is known as the most regular timing in Salsa. Basic timing has a count of 1-2-3-5-6-7. Core beat is utilised for shine with a count of 1-3-5-7. Full count is creating steps on every count. Syncopated is a different timing since they include a rhythm’s interruption. The count will be “1-and-2-and-3-and-4.

In terms of the body movement, the London salsa classes will mainly teach you about the Salsa Rhythm that contains a slow point “quick-quick-slow”. The slow point of the rhythm makes it different with the other dances. In case you are dancing to the ‘quick-quick-slow’ rhythm, it doesn’t matter if you are using the basic step; this means that you are dancing the salsa.

Salsa Dance Lessons will also teach you about the basic turns and patterns that you can combine with your basic step. After you mastered the basic part, you can now advance to the more complex steps.