Salsa classes London beginners have all types of students. There are those who are excited to learn something new while others are trying to find a hobby. Some have to practice for some occasion while others think salsa is romantic and want to be a part of it. Each beginner faces unique challenges that are specific to their character. Often, these challenges are not peculiar to them as people with similar characteristics have also been beginners before. Some of the most common mistakes that beginners make during salsa dance lessons include:

Concentrating on Your Partner

Your partner is an integral part of the overall session. However, you will find that in most London salsa classes, people tend to concentrate on their partners and this is wrong. In order to grow and improve, you have to concentrate on the moves that you are supposed to make and execute them well. The better you make your moves, the better your dance partner is able to fit into their role. If you end up focusing on your partner, you may find that they have progressed and become better, but you are still at the same level. This will impact both of you since you have to progress together in order to achieve perfection.

Ignoring the Minor Details

All salsa dance lessons incorporate major and minor moves. People tend to concentrate on the former since they are more difficult to execute. Instead of putting all your effort into doing that one big move perfectly, allocate some time and effort into mastering the minor moves as well. The devil is always in the details. If you are able to perfect the minor moves and go through them with ease, then it leaves time for you to practice the major moves and incorporate them into the whole routine without much of a hassle.

Rushing Through Practice

Most salsa classes London beginners, just like most beginner Bachata London classes have students who are eager to learn a lot in a short amount of time. You end up rushing through practice instead of taking your time to learn step by step. The result is always that you end up learning bits and pieces that you can barely put together into a full routine. This is not the correct way to learn dance or anything else for that matter.

Instead, build on things. Start slowly and work your way up. Take as many salsa dance lessons until you can comfortably do the moves. Take your time and practice to build the skill instead of rushing through practice.

Being a beginner can feel unusual. You want to learn, but you have not yet learnt. You want to progress, but you also want to perfect the moves before you can learn others. Learn to pace yourself and heed the instructor in your salsa dance lessons. All dance including salsa and even Bachata London classes have an expert at hand to guide you through the process.