Now, the truth is that salsa is a dance which is practiced and used in a wide range of different countries. Even though it prevails in Latin nationalities, it’s already being danced throughout the entire world. Its charm and potency had quickly shattered the limits of borders, and the dance is already transnational. However, this also means that there are quite a lot of different styles of salsa. With this in mind, let’s go ahead and take a look at a few ones which are sort of the main styles.

Cuban Salsa

This is the style which is generally thought to be the original form of the dance. Its roots lie in Cuba, and it is characterise by the body movement which includes isolation as well as hip movement. The style doesn’t have a lot of fast spins, unlike other styles of salsa and the movement is traditionally circular and non-linear. The hip movement is a lot more noticeable in the style. What is more, it’s also worth noting that the hip movement of Cuban salsa stems from the pumping of your knees. It is usually dominated by the male partner.

Miami Style Salsa

This is also commonly referred to as Classico Cubano as well as Casino Style. It has evolved from the original form of the dance, and it is more difficult and quite a lot more technically advanced. The moves which are practiced by professional dancers tend to be particularly pretzel-like, and they require a follower who is incredibly flexible in order to be successful. A lot of the moves are usually the same as the style known as Casino Rueda. The style is, once again, more circular than linear.

Colombian Salsa

This style of salsa originated in Colombia, and it is usually danced to a dissimilar type of salsa music which is called Cumbia. The only difference is that this style of music has a longer pause between the first 3 beats and the last 3 beats. Now, it is increasingly hard to find a teacher to actually teach you how to dance this type of salsa as it’s something which is usually taught by family as well as by friends.

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