When you are learning to dance, you are most likely going to make some mistakes. There are many mistakes that are fine when you are in London salsa classes, but there are some you should really avoid making. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid making during salsa dance lessons.


  1. Low or No Respect


When you are asked to partner up, there is always the chance that you will be paired with someone who is more skilled than you, or that your partner is brand new. The respect that you offer your partner should be that you want to be comfortable dancing, so they will give you the same respect back. There are times when the partner with the higher skill level will try advanced moves, which usually leads to their partner being discouraged when they cannot master them.


You also need to respect other dancers are your dance teacher. While you may know a move or understand what the lesson is about, you must remember that not everyone learns at the same speed. The best thing is to listen and pay attention, so you may learn a new or better way of dancing.


  1. Hygiene


Since you are going to be moving around and are going to be very close to someone else, you should have a shower before heading to your lesson. Depending on the studio, heavily scented products may not be allowed. Even if they are, you should avoid them because not everyone can handle heavy scents. You should also think about bringing a change of clothing, especially if you are planning to do other activities after your class. Most people work up a sweat during Bachata London classes.


  1. Not Holding Your Partner’s Hands


The hands and wrists are used to guide partners comfortably, especially when you are leading. So, the hands and wrists need to be easy to move when dancing. It is common to see people hold the thumb when they are not comfortable leading their partner. However, this causes the leader to be unable to move and rotate the hands, so they cannot lead their partner effectively during intricate moves.


  1. Over-Styling


This happens at all levels of dancing, and most times it is the follower in a partner dance who does this. Styling your dance is excellent when you are performing, but you should not style your dancing during group lessons. There is a time and place for styling your dance, and most dance teachers knew the importance of learning how to style moves. However, you need to understand the movements and how to follow the leader, before you can start styling your moves.


Most leaders make time for styling during the dance, so you should know where and when this is. Over-styling can make you look like you are trying to show off or that you may not know what you are doing.


Depending on the dance studio and the instructor, there could be set rules that could cover some of the mistakes listed above. When you are takings London salsa classes, they should be fun, so you should not need to stress while you are taking these lessons.