The fantastic dance style of Salsa originated in New York City around nineteen seventy and has become a dance craze throughout the world. It has been formed from the early Cuban dance stylings such as Cha cha cha, Son, and Mambo which were once very popular in Latin America and the Caribbean in the nineteen twenties and taking Salsa classes London offers could give you ample benefits.

The art of Salsa dance is a continuously evolving style with different fast footwork movements and stylised three step transitions. There is always a lead dancer who chooses either open or closed position for the following dancer by placing their hand on the followers back or holding of hands so go and witness the wonder at any one of the Salsa events London has today.

Salsa is most definitely a fine art form that continues to benefit the dancers with emotional and physical benefits. The upbeat music and swift movements by the dancers entrances all onlookers and dancers alike so take this opportunity to become a part of the London Salsa community.

Benefits of Salsa

Listening to music has been a proven method to raise endorphins in the body, and physical exercise is also a natural way to succeed in doing the exact same thing for the human body. The upbeat music played while Salsa dancing coupled with the physical exercise of dancing amplifies the endorphin levels and by taking Salsa lessons London offers you could benefit your body as well.

Salsa Lessons London Stress and Anxiety Relief

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety then taking Salsa classes London offers could help improve your overall stress levels and lessen anxiety. If has been proven that music and physical exercise increases the production of endorphins in the body which naturally increases our moods.

Healing Power of London Salsa

The Salsa craze is widespread throughout the UK and Salsa events London has often offers the healing power of socialisation. When people take Salsa classes, they are getting ample amounts of socialisation which is healing both physically and emotionally.

Salsa Therapy

By taking Salsa classes London offers you are actually partaking in therapy in terms of increasing your self-esteem, connections with others and trusting in your partner. It has been proven that dancing helps regulate brain chemistry through the emotional state of the physical and mental movements and thoughts.

Taking Salsa lessons London has could improve your overall mental and physical well-being. There are many social salsa events London offers, and one could become entranced with the stylings of London Salsa. Take your own Salsa classes London style, and you could gain the benefits that have been proven to increase endorphins naturally.