London is experiencing an increase in the number of institutions offering salsa lesson.  It is a form of dance which aims to express the desire and passion through sensuous approach.   It is a Couple Dances, wherein one will act as a follower and the other as a leader that needs to work in complete unison and perfection in order to get the applause and admiration of the audience.  Leading and following can be considered as skill that needs cognitive abilities and intelligence.

Understanding the Task of Leader and Follower on Salsa Lesson

London dance instructors have a lot of misconception about the task of the leader and follower.  Most of them will think that the follower needs to act limp while the leader will completely instruct everything that she has to do.  There are people who will be more than willing to do this especially those who are just starting with their Salsa classes.  London instructors will not be able to stand this kind of arrangement.  They will realise that it will be too exhausting in the side of the leader and may be too painful for the follower.

The Leadership Role

The primary task of the leader is to determine the right pattern and steps that they will make when they are on the dance floor.  He will need to have the ability to communicate that decision by using body language.  This non-verbal form of communication is regularly utilised in order to tell their followers the proper position of their body.  This is the common scenario in the London Salsa Classes.

Another known task of the leader is to find a balance between practical decision and artistic movement, controlling and directing the movement and being aware of the position of the follower.  Though the greater percentages of the London Salsa students are women, men mostly assume the position of the leader due to the energy and strength required to successfully fulfill the tasks.

The Followers Role

In terms of the followers, their main task is to understand the instruction of the partner and execute that instruction immediately.  They need to conduct it in a way that they will maintain their artistry and fluidity.  The follower is responsible in making the role of the leader as simple as possible.  This means that the role of the follower is not as easy as others expect it to be.  There are lots of things that the followers need to learn during salsa classes.  London dancers that serve as follower need to understand and be fully aware about the movement of the leader and their cues.  They should not anticipate for the direction of the leader, but they are responsible in adjusting their movement on sudden instruction.

Partnering skills are fundamental skills required to execute a beautiful and artistic movement.  These skills are quite hard to achieve on Salsa lessons.  London dancers will need to undergo years of training in order to achieve a proper harmony and congruity.