When I train for Pilates, Yoga, and in the past Salsa, I look for a Master. Master is the one that you look up for: they are either fit, friendly, and the class content is excellent and it is delivered in a relaxed and confident manner.

All the teachers I have chosen have inspired my life, one way or another. I love learning, growing and expanding.  It has been a must for me to choose someone who can help me to continuously develop myself.

I realised that being inspired by a Master is a Must for me to continue and master a skill. Mastering a skill requires sufficient dedication, repetition, discipline, consistency and persistence.

What is relevant to look out for in a teacher?  One should always look for that sense of empathy, clear communication, warm and caring personality, excellent content and the sincerity to deliver them. In terms of communication, we are all aware that 95% of it is non-verbal so if I choose to learn from a teacher who cannot very well present himself/herself and show me clearly what to do, then most likely my movements will not be as graceful. I am a visual person and most of the information I am learning are from watching, seeing and viewing. But clearly, not all fine dancers can communicate their movements very well.  Certainly, there are fine teachers who are not “graceful” dancers.

Well, ideally it is amazing to find a Master who is a great dancer and a great teacher. The qualities such as smoothness, lightness, control, ease, effortlessly graceful will not only be found with Fine Dancers.

It takes years to master salsa dance techniques: precision, musical interpretation, feeling, smoothness, control, charisma (maybe inherent), and others.  Nonetheless, these can be acquired depending on one’s enthusiasm towards gaining the skills, and finding a master who will give the complete view of what is there to achieve, plus all the encouragements that enthusiasts should have for continuous motivation.

I advise students to increase your awareness and spend some time watching inspirational dancers.  It would also help if students will be more active by joining and dancing at their local Clubs.  In this day and age, even watching videos on YouTube will give some contribution in enhancing our dancing skills! Inspiration keeps you synchronised with high levels, beauty and good feeling. Do not settle for less.  Aim for the best and keep dancing!

Written by:  Maria Palmieri