If you have attended any salsa events in London, you must have noticed that certain dancers truly excel while others are not as impressive. This is due to the fact that certain dancers are just great. While others settle for mediocrity, others thrive for excellence, and that’s the difference. Should you choose to take advantage of our salsa lessons in London, you are likely to be of the second type.

However, what’s the difference between a good dancer and a great one? Which are those characteristics which make a dancer truly great? Well, it’s not just one thing, so below you will find a few important considerations.

Overcoming Excuses

If you hear a dancer to make an excuse as to why he can’t practice – that’s a sign for mediocrity. A great dance is never going to make excuses for this type of thing – he will simply go through the practice with all his dedication and devotion. That’s what we try to promote with our salsa classes in London.

Using Videos and Mirrors

Dancing is all about being able to identify your strong and weak sides. The only way to do so is to take a look at your moves from a different perspective. Usually, that’s done and achieved through the mirror. Another thing that you can take advantage is video recordings. In any case, self-reflection is absolutely critical.

Learning to Dance Without a Partner

The truth is that practicing alone is something particularly good for you. At the same time, it’s important to understand that your partner is providing you with some sort of comfort that you shouldn’t get used to. In our salsa lessons in London, we are against falling into any kinds of comfort zones – this is important, and you need to take it into account. With this in mind, you shouldn’t rely on someone to support you all the time. Learning to be independent is particularly critical, and it’s capable of helping you a lot.

Strive to Make Brand New Discoveries

This is something that you would have to take into thorough account, and that’s for sure. To be a great dancer, you must always and constantly strive to make discoveries which are new not only for you but for your environment. Self-improvement is critical.

Of course, there are quite a few other important things that you might want to account for when it comes to it, but these are just some of the tip of the toe. They are truly important and can help you out significantly so you might really want to account for them.