Are you struggling to make a transition between being a “Student” to become a “Social Dancer”?

The answers are:

* Practice, Practice, Practice.
* Remember it is not just about learning moves, moves and moves but HOW YOU EXECUTE them WELL! It is about quality and not quantity!
* Number of Lessons = No. of Hours of social dancing approximately.
* Have you heard of “Feel the fear and DO it anyway!”?
* Private lessons: assist you with a feedback from an experienced dancer/teacher to improve your lead/follow and become more confident while you get full attention and correction for a full hour
* Don’t forget to have fun as you train, learn, focus to improve and dance. It is all part of developing a skill.
* When you feel competent with your skill in a social level, it will also bring you personal satisfaction. So choose your teachers for the quality of their teaching and have FUN if you are being challenged too!!!

Hope to see you soon at Salsatropical Classes

Written by:  Maria Palmieri, Director of Salsa Tropical London