Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, 12 or 72 years old, our salsa lessons will welcome you with open doors. Salsa is a style of dancing which is extraordinary, to say the least. It boasts a tremendous amount of different benefits, ranging from social to health. For instance, salsa is going to help you meet new friends and make new connections. The groups that we host are particularly friendly and welcoming, and you are going to feel well accepted.

Furthermore, salsa is an intensive dance which boasts a wide range of different body movements. If you think that you won’t sweat – think again. The majority of our salsa lessons are pretty intensive, and this is going to promote a wide range of different health benefits for your entire body. However, it is also important to improve your salsa technique and with this in mind, let’s take a look at a few things which may be preventing you from doing so.

  1. Practice in Large Chunks

It is quite common to make a mistake on one or two beats of the music. This is especially true in the beginning. However, instead of stopping and starting over, people often insist on going through the 8 counts. This is something that’s not going to allow them to properly improve their salsa technique. The reason is actually quite logical – you aren’t isolating the mistake, you are letting it slide. This is not going to allow you to improve as quickly as you want, which is something that you most certainly don’t want to allow. With this in mind, you should stop, break the move apart and go for it to the exact point where you go wrong.

  1. You Underestimate the Necessity of Long Practice Time

While it’s true that people learn at different rates, it’s also true that salsa is a particularly complex dance with a wide range of different movements involved. You need to make sure that you spend enough time one each segment in order to master it properly. Enhancing your salsa technique is something which is going to take a certain amount of time so make sure that you do it properly. Ensure that you spend the necessary effort and time so that you can rest assured that it’s something you could easily do in your sleep.

With this in mind, Salsa Tropical is a great spot to get into salsa lessons in the heart of London. We boast a wide range of styles, and we have professional experience in teaching and dancing salsa. London is a great city, and our club is located at a central location, which makes it particularly accessible from a wide range of different ways. If you want, to begin with your salsa classes, you have most certainly stumbled upon the right place, regardless of whether you are looking for professional development or casual dancing.