Here I am, standing by the dance floor hoping that my favourite song will be played by the DJ and I will be then dancing with my favourite dancer. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily a reality all the time, but we do have choices. Sometimes you dance with a person whom you have never seen before and he or she can be visiting from abroad so it can be a total surprise! Keep your mind open for great people out there! The 3 minutes may appear to be 10 or 20 minutes if you are dancing with a person that you are not familiar with or you don’t connect, hence not completely enjoying experience. But when you connect with a dancer: leader or follower thorough moves and self-expression, it can be a wonderful experience and can be very fulfilling.  Does that mean you fancy the person? Maybe or maybe not. Is this going to be a relationship? Maybe or maybe not. People go dancing looking for relationships: some do and some don’t.

I actually feel that you may miss the whole point if you are going dancing only to find a partner, as dance can give you much more than that and maybe that too.

Dancing Salsa and other Latin forms of Dance, in Latin countries is a social form of life where people meet up, talk, date and share love, passion and joy. After many years of dancing, I confess I can feel a person’s personality while dancing with them: they way they look at me, hold my hand, their body posture: it all give indications of how they are in real life. Movement does not lie, but human beings are far more, much more complex than that. As my best tango friends says: The Latin Dances are just a reflection of human social relations. Sometime you can dance with an advanced dancer and not being able to “ connect”.  “Connection” is very subjective,  but people are in different stages of their dancing and of their lives: so don’t take it personal and look for the ones you will connect and find joy!

So yes, my answer is that salsa dancing is a relationship: a relationship to one’s own body and inner emotions.  The more you feel free and the more you appreciate your own your own body and emotional language, the better relationship you would have with it.

Written by: Maria Palmieri, Director of Salsa Tropical