Salsa Shows With Salsa-Tropical

Salsa-tropical, a London based company, has developed a series of salsa shows and classes to entertain your party night, clients, congress or special event.

We have a professional salsa show with: Maria Palmieri & and her partner & also a performance dance group.



Salsa Show Performance

The salsa shows are very sexy and dynamic including several elements of:

  • Latin Jazz
  • Salsa
  • Shines
  • Dips
  • Tricks

The Dance Show and partner work are intense with passion and feelings from both the choreography and the dancers alike. Effectively resulting in an overall stunning and polished performance. Whether you are planning Christmas party entertainment, corporate party entertainment, private party, corporate event, product launch or festival, we are here to help design the salsa dance show you’ll never forget.

Salsa-tropical Performance Group

Salsa-tropical Performance Group is a group of dancers who are extremely well practised and rehearsed. The group started 2 years ago. The group includes 6 performers wearing Show costumes appropriate different dances.


Salsa Tropical have a variety of packages that suits every budget.  Our performers are well trained and well rehearsed for every show.

  • Basic Package – Enjoy an amazing 1 show by a performance group with their eye-catching costumes.
  • Standard Package – Entertain your guests on the 2 shows included on this package; performers in full costume.
  • Deluxe Package – This package will definitely give your event the wow factor. 3 fabulous shows by our performance group in their dazzling costume.

Salsa Show Form

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salsa show packages

It was great having you all there, Maria, and we enjoyed the slick show!

Please bear us in mind for future routines! Thank you for a lovely show. It was great! You and your group were fantastic!

Jeff T. Hammersmith Giselle