The CLASS PASS – Unlimited Salsa

£60.00 – £160.00

For Salsa Class Pass subscription,you can choose if you prefer installment that comes in a continuous membership (minimum initial 3 month period) until termination notice, or one one-time payment valid for 3 months. We will be in contact with you once you have settled your membership so we can collect your card details for the your payments depending upon your chosen subscription.

  • 16+ Hours of  classes every month including Footwork & Styling
  • Free entrance to Parties & Events
  • Free entrance to the Social Club
  • Discounted rates for all workshops
  • £60/month (3-month continuous membership until termination)
  • £160 for 3 months subscription up-front payment

3-Month Continuous Subscription (Installment)

A rate of £60 per month comes with a rolling membership with payments directly debited from your bank.
Minimum initial 3-month period.
Ongoing contract until termination notice.


3-Month One Time Payment

£160 One-time Payment for 3-Month Subscription Period.
Save £20 from the 3-Month installment rate.
Membership will expire 3 months after your join date.