Why Go For Private Salsa Lesson?


Private dance lesson London is a great way to learn how to dance. Salsa private lesson helps you learn how to salsa dance properly. Salsa private lesson can be expensive; however, these lessons are worth the extra money. Here are three reasons that you should take private dance lesson in London.


  1. Customised Lessons


The major benefit of private dance lesson in London is that the focus is on you and your partner. Once your private teacher knows what your dancing goals and skill level are, they will teach the skills that are appropriate for your goals and needs.


What style of dancer that you are will affect the type of lessons that your teacher creates. Competitive dancing lessons could be more focused on proper technique and perfecting execution of the dance. Social dancing lessons will usually focus on how to move and have fun. Many times, the lessons will shift as your goals and skill level changes.


  1. You Progress Faster


Since a salsa private lesson London can be one-on-one or two-on-one, the teacher has more time to work with you. This extra time will help you progress faster. One of the reasons is that the teacher can find your ‘problem areas’, and has the time to correct them and improve your overall technique. You can also bring up skills that you want to learn, and have a whole lesson about that those skills.


During a salsa private lesson, the teacher has enough time to analyse your style and technique. This gives a dance teacher the ability to take the time to dive into specific skills and styles, unlike a group class. A group class can have over 20 students per class who also need help from the teacher. This means there is only so much time that your group class teacher can give you. A private dance teacher only is working for you, so private lessons are the way to go when you want to progress quickly.


  1. Convenience


The last reason you should look in to private dance lessons is they are convenient. Group classes are schedules for set times on specific days. However, private lessons can be scheduled for times and days that work for you. You will still need to work with the teacher to make sure that they are available at those times. Depending on the time and day, some private dance teachers are available until 9:30pm.


Most group lessons are scheduled around room booking availability and what works for most of the dancers. This means that these lessons are scheduled during the week from 5pm to 9pm. If these times do not work for you, many times a private dance lesson can be scheduled and on most days.


Private dance lesson can be the best investment you can make when you want to learn salsa dancing. Working with a private dance coach allows you to customise your lesson and the lesson time. Salsa private lesson in London can help you with your overall dancing, or with a specific skill you want to perfect.