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A great choice for anyone wanting to start cross body Salsa, improve as a dancer, make friends! I have been taking classes with SalsaTropical for about 1 year.Classes take place in the LSE student’s union, about a 10 minute walk from Holborn/Temple tube stations.The dance space is a large airy room, with lots of light and a great dance floor.Classes are held twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays. A typical class will have 15 students and at least 2 instructors ( a leader and a follower). There is a strong emphasis on good technique, and frame. The instructors will have a pre-planned lesson, and over 1 hour everyone will complete a short routine. The instructors demonstrate the moves, but also walk around the class giving individual feedback. During the class you will change partners regularly, but also dance with the instructors, which helps build your understanding of leading, following, timing, signalling etc.Overall there will be about 50 -60 students, split into, 3 levels: beginners, improvers, and intermediate. There are lot of 'regulars', who come every week, and progress together.The students and instructors are a friendly, diverse group of people, so any new joiner will find it easy to fit in and enjoy a class.There are classes from 7-9pm, and you can combine different levels as you progress e.g. two beginner classes, a beginner and improver class, an improver and an intermediate class.The dance floor is open from 9-10pm, there is a friendly vibe, with students from different levels dancing together, along with the instructors. It is a great way to build up your ‘Salsa confidence'.Besides the weekly classes there are regular weekend workshops, and socials organised by Salsa Tropical , plus there are ad-hoc meet-ups to go to different Salsa events in more
Christopher Ellis
11:32 07 Nov 18
Great place and really friendly environment. Serious and Professional. I would happily recommend it
Ivan Silva Llamas
22:13 17 Oct 18
Maria is an excellent passionate global dance teacher who I have had classes with for approx 6 months! I had ZERO dance experience. We started partner work early and I felt really comfortable partner dancing with her and she never made me feel bad if I didn't know what move to do next for example! At the same time I knew she expected me to know my moves. Every class was FUN because Maria is easy to talk to and fun to dance with and I looked forward to all of them. I learnt the footwork and different steps and in each class she added something extra or something extra to a move we had already done. I went to Colombia and all the individual steps I had already done with Maria so job done! Maria is very professional, always on time, has good accommodation to work from, and is a fun dance teacher who is passionate about what she does and I feel connects well with her clients. The dancing wasn't "scientific" as a large part of dancing is feeling, timing etc. Choose Maria if you don't want to dance like a robot!read more
John Kale
15:31 15 Oct 18
Fantastic, great fun! Great teachers. Did it for a work party and would highly recommend
Tom Benn
13:09 31 Jul 18
Simply Amazing'. Maria's enthusiasm and passion is endless and contagious. Her attention to detail is extremely high. #Perfectionistread more
Winston Witter
11:28 12 Jul 18
We hired Salsa Tropical for our Staff Summer Boat party which was a Salsa theme, Maria and Mike, who were very professional and extremely fun to be with. they taught us how to Salsa, although some of us had two left feet but they were patient with us and showed us a great time. On behalf of Hotelcare we thank you very much for a wonderful night. i will definitely be booking Salsa Tropical in the near future. Thank you guysread more
Peggy Kadi-Menson
14:56 04 Jul 18
Started learning Salsa here two months ago, and really enjoyed it. Great class for beginners. The teachers are very knowledgeable and kind, especially Mariaread more
Angus Stephens
15:39 20 Jun 18
Salsatropical Limited facilitated a evening entitled Mojito Monday at our office on 4th June 2018. The event was a complete success we had the services of 2 teachers Kelly and Sean and a DJ. Everyone who attended said how much the enjoyed the evening - the Teachers were extremely patient, friendly and professional. The majority of attendees were novices to Salsa, the pace of the dance instruction was perfect. The music was great as well. I would definitely engage the services of Salsatropical again.Anita DraytonIntuitread more
Anita Drayton
15:10 05 Jun 18
Last year, when I first stepped into a class at Salsa Tropical I didn’t know a pattern in the dance and I didn’t have the right shoes. Face to face, partnered with a stranger, I quickly learned that if I had any hope of coordinating how I heard the beat, correctly interpreted my partner’s lead and skillfully executed a move I had to stay present, plus connect to and trust myself, my partner, the music and the dance. In a jumble of missteps, apologies and the sinking sensation that I was irretrievably clumsythere was, however, a positive outcome: Some part of me loved and yearned and wanted more of the training to focus, the challenge to achieve and the glorious, joyful freedom that dance promised. At last, I’d found a passion that lured my mind away from the past by promising something that felt wonderful in the present.Slowly, through hours of classes and practice with the wonderful teachers at Salsa Tropical my dancing improved and I also started feeling more confident and relaxed.On my 10-month anniversary of joining the school, I would like to say to everyone at Salsa Tropical, how grateful I am for their patience and perseverance. Thank you for helping me to find and sustain a life-affirming connection to joy in the present. That connection—to life, myself, purpose and passion—helped me renegotiate a vision of more
Marta Chmielowska
19:27 24 Apr 18
Enjoyable and relaxing place for socialising. Great for having fun! The lessons are well structured aimed to provide growth step by step. The instructors are giving deep explanations in more
Emil Genov
12:18 05 Apr 18
It was real pleasure to attend 3 months salsa class. Maria is very nice lady and friendly teacher. She really cares about you. Mike Anthony is really a Salsa Master. In 3 months nothing has been repeated. They were very generous in terms of new stuff. They left their signatures on my salsa dancing. I am really appreciated for their efforts and friendly manners. A recommendable Salsa Spot in more
Oguz Alpinar
16:10 04 Apr 18
lovely, comfortable and friendly atmosphere, I was made to feel very welcome by Maria since the first day. Maria and her group of teachers are just awesome and passionate nothing seemed to much effort, every lesson are blast, communication so clear, they are so meticulous and Maria support you for every single explanation.Every month they organize a workshop great moment while you can learn faster and quickly and monthly party night is a huge moment while we dance uninterruptedly for almost 4 hoursMonday and wednesday are mandatory, booked its salsa lesson!!!Best Salsa Class FACT!read more
18:49 03 Apr 18
i spent three great months in these school and i can say, without any doubt, that salsatropical is one of the best salsa school in London. Maria, Mike and all the others teachers are really friendly and professional. They know all the different salsa style (Cuban, New York and L.A.) and teach in so nice and fun way. Maria also organize great workshop during the weekend for all the dance levels to improve the dance skill. Maria is so lovely and patient teacher, and Mike is so fun, professional and scrupulous to details. I had a great fun and I learnt a lot from them. It is definitely enjoyable. No pressure, fun, and good music! I also met a lot of nice people there and I have been so sad when i had to leave. Thanks Maria, Mike and all the others teachers for what you gave me and for the great time more
Alfredo Ronca
14:31 29 Mar 18
Fantastic place to learn salsa. I started about 9 months ago at almost bigger level and now people I dance with think I've been doing it for years! The teachers have such great energy, always positive and upbeat, exactly what I need after a long days work! Would 100% recommendread more
Adeleke Abolade
23:30 14 Mar 18
Maria and Mike came my 40th birthday party and they really made my night! I was really nervous beforehand but Maria gave lots of reassurance over the phone and it was obvious they knew what they were doing. Maria and Mike arrived early to set up and get a feel for the party. There were about 80 guests all in a slightly raucous party mood and I thought they would never get everyone to join in. But amazingly they managed to get all the guests into couples and do a lesson and everyone loved it! They wow-ed us all with their performance beforehand, and after the lesson they danced with anyone and everyone who wanted to dance- whatever the level, and however much their toes got trampled on. They totally got into the party spirit, mojitos and all, and they stayed even after the booking time (probably because some of the more enthusiastic women would not let Mike go!!). They were really fantastic and absolutely made the party. Everyone has been talking about them since. I can't thank Maria, Mike and Salsa Tropical enough- extremely professional and slick but so much fun too! what a birthday!read more
Clarinda Still
15:35 12 Mar 18
We decided to perform Salsa at our wedding and Maria was absolutely fantastic. She really helped us relax and choreographed a wonderful routine for us. on the night we'd also arranged for salsa dancing and teaching and everyone got up and joined in. super memorable night and would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to more
Xin Jin
09:44 08 Mar 18
Organised for a friends birthday - really fun, with the instructor getting everyone involved. Would recommend to anyone organising a birthday for large more
Harjit Lalli
16:22 08 Dec 17
What a wonderful company. Thank you so much Maria for teaching me everything I need to know for teaching my own classes. I am loving more
Nadine Abbey
16:33 07 Nov 17
Maria was recommended to me as an excellent dancer and first rate instructor and I was very pleased with the quality of training she provided. At that time, I was seeking to increase my dance ability and understanding more rapidly than group type lessons allow. Maria is a genuine, ‘people’ person and and puts you at ease from day one, understanding and considerate yet at the same time rigorous and meticulous in helping you develop your dance. I particularly liked the free and experimental encouragement given to the student that, at the same time, had an underlying structure and syllabus tailored and built around the individual student, providing goals and visible developmental stages, written notes and even video feedback. It was nice as well to meet an instructor who places emphasis on musicality and rhythm before moves, being able to really help the student to understand latin music construction and rythms and continually reinforcing connection between music, moves and your partner. That said,Maria has an excellent repertoire of dance moves and was always able to demonstrate and explain any other individual move I myself would request separately. I would have no hesitation to recommend Maria. She has a lovely personality, genuine passion for her profession and can deliver a professional, efficient and creative program to her students. Colin

I have known Maria for 2 years+ now and from the outset of joining a salsa dance class with Maria one is immediately impressed with the sheer quality of Maria’s teaching skills. Trying to find a good Salsa teacher in London is extremely difficult but once you’ve had just one dance class with Maria you immediately know the difference – no need to look any further because all you need to know you can learn from Maria’s top class teaching skills. Not only does one learn effectively and quickly but everything you need to know is accurately communicated to you from the steps you are learning to your posture and technique helping you to become good at what you want to do. What’s more classes with Maria are great fun! Amanda Green

I have known Maria Palmieri for a few years now so when my Fiance and I decided to do a salsa for our wedding I could think no one better to ask for guidance (and I say this knowing some of the best teachers in London). Maria is an excellent choreographer, and although we knew how to dance there is no way we could have put together a dance like this with out Maria. Maria is extremely musical and creative, and she had it all worked out in her head just listening to the music. She was flexible, changing her ideas as we went along to make it fit better for us. And even though Maria clearly has done this for many couples, she was genuinely quite passionate about the chorography and really making it beautiful. It was such a huge success, to have everyone you love in a room give you a standing ovation after dancing with the one you love is such a great feeling. Everyone was cheering, and parents were crying! My husband John, who is not a trained dancer and not a performer looked at me saying “that was awesome I want to do it again!”I think not doing a dance at your wedding is something that could be quite regretable down the track, thanks Maria, it was truly wonderful. Sophie Ferris

I just wanted to thank you (belatedly and sincerely) for your efforts on my behalf. I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher.
All the best, Andy

Hi Maria, Just to say thank you for the 1-2-1 for my cousin Jessica and myself last Sunday. We really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the CDs you gave us. Love the female singers as you don’t get many. I love La India too! Cristina

I spent a fantastic day with Maria on 1 to 1 basis which gave me a great boost of ideas, renewed enthusiasm and confidence with extending and re-inventing choreography for my Latin dance aerobics classes – I will be back for more – she is a brilliant and very patient teacher! Rachel

I have now been learning salsa from Maria for a little over a year. I had no prior dance training nor a musical background but with Maria’s teaching my dancing has soared from from beginner level to a level that I’m very proud of. I resisted private lessons for close to a year because of various reasons: Firstly, it was more expensive than group lessons. Secondly, I felt that I was learning everything I needed to learn in the group lessons. And thirdly, I was quite proud of the progress I was making without private lessons — some people thought I must have taken private lessons and it felt good to tell them that I hadn’t. However, I started to become more aware of aspects of my dance that were lacking and that there were things that group lessons couldn’t cover because of the size of the class. So I finally decided to buy a package of private lessons from Maria. Together, we worked on my weak points, she figured out what I was missing, gave me practical guidance and left me a list of things to work on in my own time. By the third lesson, I could already see a noticeable difference in my dance and felt more able to be creative and musical. All in all, the private lessons have been worth every penny. I have learned that you cannot improve on aspects of dance if you aren’t even aware of them, so this is where an experienced teacher of Maria’s calibre is invaluable to your dance progression. Maria is a talented and fantastic teacher that has incredible knowledge and insight into dance. Her lessons are well prepared, well structured, and best of all, they are fun! Tung

I was in London for a business trip and decided to arrange a last minute private lesson. What an enjoyable & informative session we had @ temple conference room in Andaz Hotel. I’ll make sure to check classes in the future while in London.
Many Thanks,
Senior Vice President Unit Manager/National Accounts. Donna

I started having salsa lessons 2 years ago at the Bishopsgate Institute where I enrolled on a 6 week course. I did not have high expectations at the beginning but wanted to improve my fitness level and have fun during the lunch hour and this is where I met Maria my teacher. Maria made the class and experience so much fun that I am now addicted to dancing even though I have 2 left feet and now dance at least twice a week under her guidance. She is a very talented dancer with a lovely personality I would highly recommend her lessons to anyone. Belinda King

I have been looking for a good teacher for a long time until I have found Maria. I am totally satisfied with her teaching, she is extremely prepared, she teaches with calm and passion and she focus on how really make us learn the steps. I think that her teaching capabilities are superiors and I really highly recommend her classes either the group ones than the private. Thanks Maria for giving me confidence and teaching me how to dance. Giulia Audino

Maria is a lovely and patient teacher, very easy going. I had a great fun and learnt a lot from her, it is definitely enjoyable. No pressure, fun, and good music! Son Jun

Maria Palmieri teaches all levels of classes. She is an experienced teacher and dancer for many years. There are a lot of different styles of Salsa dancing: traditional Cuban, modern Latin- American, New York even modern european style. Maria knows them all, I have been taking Latin American dance lesson with her at Bishopsgate Institute and also Salsa. I really enjoyed learning from her because she is also very caring and lots of fun to learn from. Salvador Martin Gutierrez

I had been thinking about taking Private lessons to take my dancing to the next level, (I have been dancing salsa for four years and teaching for almost one year) when I came across Maria´s Salsa Tropical website by chance whilst surfing the web. After reading the information contained on the site including the section on Dance Etiquette, which should be required reading for all salsa dancers, I was sure that I would certainly improve my dancing ability after a course of 10 private lessons. After the initial email contact Maria asked a number of questions about my salsa background so she knew what to work on and we organised the schedule for the lessons. Due to the fact that I travel from Cork, Ireland once a fortnight Maria suggested we do 1 1/2 – 2 hour lessons. We concentrated on getting all the basics correct and learning short leadable routines. My regular partners noticed a difference in my leading and were surprised when I threw in a few new moves. Maria also emphasises the social aspect of salsa in that it is not just a series of routines but that you should also connect with your partner. Maria is a very thorough teacher and she is able to convey her dancing knowledge succinctly. I shall be taking a further course of 10 lessons to continue improving my ability. I can highly recommend taking private lessons with Maria. Peter Kelly

Maria’s teacher training package was absolutely first class — it was extremely thorough, informative and very detailed. She is an excellent teacher — very knowledgeable, experienced and great fun to work with. She is patient, creative and flexible and I really enjoyed myself. The DVDs and written notes included in the package are brilliant as well. All in all its a wonderful teacher training programme that I recommend to anyone. Tarushka Panjwani

I began to learn salsa with Maria at the Bishopsgate Insitute after an holiday in Cuba in 2001, and have kept studying with her since, in different venues and clubs, through classes and private lessons . I can recommend her as a salsa teacher to anyone, both men and women, since Maria has the ability that great teachers have to master the leading techniques as as well as the following ones. It is my opinion that she is one of the best teacher in London, strived by her passion for salsa and for teaching. Christophe Bancquart

Maria trained with Alvin Ailey New York, London Contemporary Dance, and she has an MA from the Laban Centre London. And it shows! A professional dancer and choreographer, she has taught Salsa, Alexander and other techniques since 1994. She is a brilliant teacher; nurturing beginners, advanced dancers and also those taking her teacher training package. She is a sensitive, thorough teacher, and students who really want to learn well are very fortunate if they have the opportunity to learn with Maria. Moss Ladbrooke

I’d like to thank you. I feel much more confident and found it fun learning with you. You have great technique, and are very patient! I’ll keep on recommending my friends. I’m going to come to the classes, and look at arranging some more lessons with you. Mike

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