At a wedding, there are various dances that can take place. From the first dance to the father-daughter and mother-son dance. Since more couples are adding a unique wedding dance to their wedding reception, wedding dance lessons have become a popular option to learn how to dance the Salsa.

Traditional Wedding Dance

There are many styles of wedding dances covered by a traditional wedding dance. The Waltz, the Foxtrot, and the Nightclub Two Step have been very popular styles of traditional wedding dances in the past. These styles of wedding dance are most times slower, and some couples prefer them, so they do not need to take dance lessons.

Being a very popular option for a long time and for traditional style weddings, these dances can feel out-of-place at modern weddings, or like they have been seen before. There are many dances that fit into the traditional style, and most times the same songs are used at many receptions.

Salsa Wedding Dance

Salsa is a popular choice for a Latin wedding and those looking for a faster-paced wedding dance. Thanks to the faster pace of the dance, salsa wedding dances are exciting and unique. This style of Latin dance started in New York during the 1970’s.  Now, Latin dance London classes are popular.

Having a salsa wedding dance could mean that you need to take salsa wedding dance lessons to learn this style of dance. However, with more couples taking wedding dance lessons for all styles of wedding dance, it is usually expected that you will have a professionally choreographed dance at your wedding reception. A salsa wedding dance can fit in with any wedding theme and can set the mood for the rest of your wedding party.

There are a few unique styles of salsa. Each of these styles come from a different region around the world, and reflects the culture of that region’s dance history. New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Cuban salsa are some of the best examples of different branches of salsa dancing.

There are also wedding dances that are a combination of a few different styles that mix different songs and styles into one dance. This can be a great way to show off your dancing skills or to move into a different wedding dance. Mash up dances has been used to move from the first dance, into the wedding party dance without having to wait. These dances can be done at a Latin wedding since there are so many styles of salsa dancing.

No matter what style of wedding dance you pick, a wedding dance is an important part of your wedding. Taking wedding dance lessons can help you have the best wedding dance while learning a new style. There are many great examples of professionally choreographed dances posted online, and many unique wedding dances have become viral hits overnight. If you want to step up your dance skills for your wedding, you should think about adding salsa to your dance and mixing the styles up.

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