Salsa Wedding Parties

For most of us our Wedding day is the first time we have ever had to plan a big event and there is so much to do.

Why not plan ahead your wedding dance and performances on your big day?

You can choose various packages from Salsa Tropical. We will teach a lesson at your party for your guest and may also do a Show. We can also prepare you gradually and choreograph your special dance. The choreography will bring the best out of each of you.

We will endeavour to ensure that you and all your guest will have a good time.

Your wedding dance lessons can also increase the romance and anticipation of your wedding reception and help ease dance floor nervousness.

With wedding dance lessons, you can be relaxed, confident and simply spend your first wedding dance with the person you love.  For wedding lessons we offer on the actual day of your wedding, there will be an instant entertainment for all the guests.  Your guests’ participation on the dance floor will be a memorable one and will surely be a hit and something they would talk about even after the event.  As for the performance that we can do on top, our brilliant and well trained dancers are definitely there to add a Latin-flavoured entertainment. This can be arranged on the timings you like to blend in with your whole wedding program.

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Feedback from some of our amazing couples:

We hired Salsa Tropical for our wedding as entertainment for our guests. All i can say is they were fantastic! they gave a lesson to everyone which we all enjoyed and then gave a brilliant performance.  Everyone commented on how great they were and took down there number for future use.
Maria is a lovely Lady and i found them to be very polite and was on time at the venue
I will definetly use them again in the future when the time comes.

Joe & Helen Jordaney

We had a really fantastic experience when we asked Maria for help with our Wedding dance. We had the feeling that we were totally working together and after a series of private sessions we had a great choreography and ultimately a great performance on our big day.  Maria was very supportive all the way but also serious enough to make us practice week by week – it was brilliant how she integrated our own ideas (including the odd ‘silly’ ones) and even worked with the non-salsa tune that we had selected.

Phil & San


We have organized a number of parties with a number of options, and would love to provide the best of our services for you and your family and all your guests.

Maria Palmieri says:

“Wedding parties are tedious to organise, but such a special day that every details is important. Salsa dance lessons and performances are in a way the couple’s gift to their guests, leaving them something to talk about even after the wedding day.”

Wedding Party Package Notes

Show:If there is a couple teaching they also do a show. A dazzling show will be performed from a couple.
Video Cameraman:Salsa-Tropical can provide a professional Video Cameraman to film your Party and edit into a finished DVD for your future memory.
Decoration:Create an interior design that matches the theme of your party!
Taxi dancers:Experienced dancers (male and/or female) will join the party. So they will dance with the your guests to create a fun atmosphere and get the shy people to move too! Also your guests will have the pleasure to dance with experienced dancers.

Be confident, be bold! Get your choreographed salsa lessons for the first dance at your wedding.  

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